Master of feelings

André Zweig

”Evening with André changes an idea,
what a troubadour can be as an entertainer”

Master of feelings
André Zweig is an unique star in Finnish show business. He is an troubadour with a true artist soul.
He takes gently account audience's every wish.
He is an artist who knows how to play strings of feelings.

André has over 27 years entertained in Finland as well in parties of big companies as in small occasions.
It is said that there's no one like André to entertain with so full of feelings and using so many languages in his performs.

André´s international program is one of the largest in Finland.
André sings in fifteen different languages.

André tells jokes all the time between his songs
"André is funny man and his jokes are amazing" say many who has heard André's jokes.

Theme nights
If you want organize a theme night, I can help you.
I can offer you hot gipsy theme, night in Italian, Slavicize romantic, Spanish flamenco feelings or Latin salsa fever.
Your night is perfect when you got right artist who have HEART, BEAT and SERENADE.

Troubadour/Stage artist André Zweig
Malminkatu 38 D 46, FIN-00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel.+358-9-694 7756, Handphone +358-500-500  774